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  •   "With Neekol's guidance, I am far more able to tap into flow and lean on support in a way that feels nourishing to my soul. My current success has come with a more relaxed nervous system and a deepened sense of trust in my capabilities."  

    - Mark Guay

  • "I loved the exercises she gave me to write and uncover this healing journey through being present with my emotions. I feel more calm and comfortable in my body and willing to give myself permission to feel — that is a breakthrough!"

    Farahday M.

  • "After my second and third session, I saw the incredible transformation, from the guidance for understanding the individual and personal growth of who I am and what I want to be. The obstacle I faced at the beginning was solved when I learned how to master my life with the guidance of my cosmic chart of who I am, and what gifts I have to give."

    Dr. Adrienne Smedstad

  • "Neekol helps to make that leap of faith into new stories we can live by - by offering her wisdom and new perspectives on old 'problems.'"

    Misty Marie Tomasino
    Percussionist & Creative Muse

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