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The Pathway of Awareness leads to . . .
the Reawakening of Presence

Our ancient ancestors, and indeed the existing indigenous tribal peoples all over the world, believe that the spirit of our consciousness exists like a seed buried in the earth. As the modern way of life spread across continents, thus began a 500 year dormancy period of the "archaic consciousness" -- it's potencies hidden beneath the topsoil.

That seed is the heart of humanity.

That seed is dry AF.

Humanity has a parched heart.

As we gather the courage to make the inward journey along the Pathway Of Awareness, from the physical --> to the mental --> to the emotional --> and ultimately to the vibrational . . .

Swallowed in the damp darkness of our own womb, the reawakening seed begins to absorb the tears and gradually rehydrate its cells, one by one. Our parched heart is moistened by our sorrow, our rage, our presence, and our unconditional love. The swelling seed/heart outgrows its current environment and demands frequency changes all the way up the stack. This swelling becomes evident in the developing discomfort we experience in our emotional, mental, and physical aspects of self. Just as a seed disrupts the surrounding soil when its tender first shoots appear.

The inspirations, aspirations and experiments stemming from this rehydrated heart may require some time (symp-tom) to establish its developing roots before it can burst into the sunlight. This is to be expected and requires nothing more than our patience and presence for it to reemerge. is an invitation to leave behind the most basic assumptions of our modern world, along with its destructive arrogance and false sense of superiority, and enter, as in a dream, our lost memories of our "past", as well as a fresh imagining of the cycles of death and rebirth.

About Us
Nikoleta Mavi, MSW
Neekol's creative and intuitive abilities are intimately bound up with her own personal challenges and struggles. Her physical symptoms are her signposts for her incomplete knowledge. With her successes and failures, Neekol leads the way for many. Always creative. Always forward looking.
Michael James
Michael was never interested in just turning out "another podcast" per se, devoid of all the human and intimate details that pile up during our lifetimes, enriching the moments and the days, the weeks and the years, creating the seamless whole of our lives. 
We believe that personal growth and transformation are essential for living a fulfilling life.

Our content is designed to spark curiosity, encourage introspection, foster meaningful conversations, and expand worldviews (include and transcend) to take as many perspectives as possible.

By sharing stories, experiences, and insights from diverse perspectives, we aim to create a supportive community where individuals can embark on their own personal journeys towards self-awareness and growth.

Join us at Parched Heart as we navigate the complexities of life together, quenching our thirst for knowledge and understanding, one drop at a time.
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